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Huntington Beach Drum Circle Video - Surfers Village US Open of Surfing, California


Huntington Beach videos of the West Coast City offer a taste of the flavor of this amazing destination with its sunny, sandy paradise--including nearly 10 miles of shoreline.

One of the most popular ocean destinations in all of Southern California, Huntington Beach offers some lovely beach hotels, as well as affordable options along Beach Blvd., the street providing "straight shot" to the beach.



 US Open of Surfing & Beach Games for over 5 years has featured a Surfers Village and during the past several years we've seen the drum circle that invites the public to sit and perform percussion with a group of people, and one moderator or who issues drum sticks, bongos, etc.  When you watch the video, notice the surfboard seats that bikini-clad women are sitting on.

At most California beaches you'll find drummers, drum meet-ups and drum circles. The drumming can be quite inspiring, moving, or just relaxing.  Seen in video is a drum circle that has a leader who keeps drum sticks in her pocket and helps facilitate the friendly participation of drumming at the beach.

If you plan to visit Huntington Beach and you also want to play drums, bring your instrument of sound & percussion to the Pier Plaza next to the Huntington Beach Pier. It offers your best bet for finding a drum circle throughout the seasons.

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