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Huntington Beach, Ca--The Donut Derelicts, or Saturday Morning Car Cruisers have been existence for many years. Friends have come and gone in this informal Saturday morning meet up.

Whether doing doughnuts (car tricks with circular maneuvers that include spinning your rear tires), or munching on donuts, tire-shaped breakfast goodies, your newest kicks won't be on Route 66.  Cruise slowly, politely, safely and early to Adams Avenue Donuts shop where the sun comes up to an eye-candy feast of the sweetest treats―shiny cars!  Donuts, hot rods, stock & classic cars go hand in hand with a cup of coffee on Saturday mornings in a Huntington Beach strip mall, the scene where a weekly tradition billed as "The Oldest, Best Free Car Show in America" takes place.

Adams Avenue Donuts, (714) 962-8921, 9015 Adams Avenue , Huntington Beach , CA 92646




This Classic California happening began with the Donut Derelicts, a group of four or five car enthusiasts who met at a donut shop each Saturday morning over 20 years ago (in 1986). Co-founder Rick Finn died in 2006, but is honored with a contest at the annual Huntington Beach Concours d'Elegance Car Show.

Still, the coffee klatsch has grown over the years and now includes up to 200 friendly folks who dust off their rare, collector or hot rod cars, driving them to a Huntington Beach parking lot for a three hour car fest. There's never a fee to attend, no club organization, officers or membership dues. Nobody's in charge at this "un"organized Saturday morning social, in fact.

During the week it's just another strip mall behind a Chevron station a few miles from Southern California beaches and freeways. Located at the corner of Magnolia and Adams Avenues in Huntington Beach, the nondescript lot quickly fills up with standing room crowds on Saturdays when the donut shop opens. In the blink of an eye, the place is packed with cars of all shapes, sizes and colors, accompanied by a list of attendees ranging from your next door neighbor to World Series champ Reggie Jackson. You never know who you'll see or what you will hear but one thing's for sure―the sound of engines humming in parade-style fashion heralds the arrival of hotrods, muscles, pickups,  woodies, sports and race cars, all jockeying for prime parking spaces to flip open their hoods and show off their engines.

In addition to the ball champ, Petersen Automotive Museum director Ken Gross, Hyundai's chief U.S. designer Joel Piaskowski, Pikes Peak Climb champion Jeff Zwart, drag racer Art Chrisman, hot-rod builders & designers Chip Foose and Little John Butera are a few of the people who frequent this event. With no flyers distributed, no fees charged and no one to blame should something go wrong, the event maintains success through its simple approach. Just being there gains you admission and exposure to some celebrities, car industry figures and friendly car enthusiasts who come to show off their babies or eye the new beauties. Much like runway fashion shows, car collectors anticipate fresh, new designs, detailing and trims in the weekly unveilings. This is the place to see and be seen, and if you have an agenda, sometimes you'll get lucky and make a connection.

While most simply attend for enjoyment, Europeans, Danes, Canadians and Japanese on business fly to Southern California and come to the show on a mission. Visiting numerous car events, they often carry video equipment and business cards, scouting for certain models to purchase and ship back to potential buyers in some foreign land. If a car is properly restored, has low mileage and a good engine, a classic gas guzzler can sell elsewhere for nearly double its U.S. value.

What's great about beach style gatherings such as Donuts Derelicts car show is the quality of cars and fantastic year round weather that affords a lifestyle conducive to car collecting. When you're looking for something to do on a Saturday morning, drive over to Huntington Beach to watch the Stingrays come out....not at the beach, but just a few miles down the street on Adams and Magnolia.

What's in' Trim, detailing and quality paint. If it shines, it better be flawless.

Seen passing through: '32 Ford; '60s Shelby Cobras; 1942 Plymouth Savoy; 40 Ford coupe; 1949 Packard convertible; hellacious '69 canary Camaro; '55 Chevy; '71 Plymouth Fury; '64 Pontiac Banshee; Firebirds, Panteras, cruisers and bruisers--you name it!

Can women and girls come' You bet! Men do not discriminate against girls. Just be prepared to stand around and talk about car engines, paint jobs, etc. Swing by on your way to early bird shopping at nearby Target or Mervyn's some Saturday morning.

Where & When: Location: Magnolia Ave & Adams Ave  in Huntington Beach, CA
Saturdays 6 to 9 a.m. Cost: Free, it's informal. For donuts, try Adams Avenue Donuts, (714) 962-8921, 9015 Adams Avenue , Huntington Beach , CA 92646

Getting there: Adams Avenue Donuts and the Saturday morning car show are a few miles from the San Diego - 405 Freeway. Exit Brookhurst Street and head south for several miles. Take a right on Adams Avenue and go two stoplights to Magnolia Ave. The parking lot is on the right hand side of the road before the stoplight.