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Huntington Beach, Calif.--Kristin Bender from the Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy discusses the role of the conservancy in restoring  wetlands on the southern portion of Huntington Beach's coast.

Wetlands and Wildlife Museum and the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center are two buildings side by side next to Pacific Coast Highway and adjacent to AES electric generating station near Newland Street in Huntington Beach.




Built a part of a larger project to acquire and restore the remaining coastal pieces of land in Huntington Beach that were once thriving wetlands that fell into disrepair as the properties were largely separated from their freshwater source across the highway at the Pacific Ocean.

The Wildlife Care Center opened in 1998 and began caring for birds and sea animals brought to the facility. Operated by an independent non-profit organization, that facility is successfully treating and returning to the wilds countless injured and sick birds. After receiving  treatment and rehabilitation, they are returned to nature when they are well again.

The effort to restore the little areas of salt marsh and estuary and what's left of a larger wetlands that once existed but is now paved over and covered with houses, include attempts at land acquisition and restoration

Marsh Name Acres Location Open Features
Brookhurst 52 Brookhurst to Magnolia No Private
Talbert 25 Brookhurst to Santa Ana River Trail Yes 75 species
Magnolia 31 Magnolia to Newland Tours  Restoration
Newland 40 Beach Blvd. to Newland No Private
Waterfront 3.5 Beach Blvd. at PCH No Private


A group of neighbors back in the 1980s got together and wanted to prevent the last little areas of marsh from being destroyed, hoping to  get them restored ultimately. Still actually restorable wetlands on this tiny little portion of Pacific Coast Highway,  a 25 to 30 year effort to acquire land and funds to

We have grant money to restore two-thirds that have been cut off from the ocean since the 1930s. There are still wetlands plants that have been cut off from the ocean. There still are wetlands plants and animals up in these wetlands and we believe they will come back after we complete this project.

Hours: No formal hours yet. Goal is to have someone and building open displays, etc. We are just beginning now. Afternoons, probably. We do have 2nd Saturday of every month a combination of restoration work and wetlands tours. People can come and we can take a walk through small or large portions of the wetlands.  We can guide a group through the wetland and pick up trash, pull invasive.