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Beach Games with BMX and Skateboard at US OPEN

Fast action in the BMX Sports competition at the Beach Games

The Beach Games are held in conjunction with the US Open of Surfing every year and usually begin in the second week of the event with practice runs held on Thursday and the actual BMX competitions beginning on Friday. There's skateboarding in the bowl as well and lots of activities, booths, bands and things to do in the Surfers Village and game rooms and tents. From one arena you can sit and watch several sports at the same time. It truly is a paradise of adrenalin for the edge sports fans who have to constantly see things pushed to the limit.

The BMX is fun to watch but for even more excitement, hold onto your horse and come in September for Core Tour, which includes King of the Dirt Hill event. It pits a bunch of BMX'ers against each other to navigate a dirt course built in the parking lot near the Huntington Beach Pier overlooking the ocean. It just doesn't get much better than this because the whole event is free. It doesn't cost one penny to attend!

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