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Surf Walk Photo Opportunities

Ultimate Challenge" by Edmond Shumpert is located on the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Huntington Street, just across the street from the Waterfront Hilton Beach Resort. It is a beautiful statue rising into the sky, surrounded by a planter of flowers. Stand in front of the symbol of Surf City and take a  souvenir photo. Sun light shines on the front of the statue mornings, providing your best opportunity. In the afternoon and evening it is back lit though you can still take a photo.


Surf Walk of Fame on the corner of Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway in front of Jack's Surf Store is slightly more difficult to capture with people in the picture simply because the point of interest is on the ground. I used a wide angle lens here. If you have a flair for the dramatic, you could get down on the ground, show the stones in focus and the people's feet as an anchor. It wouldn't be your typical tourist shot but it's good to experiment on at least one or two frames per roll. Otherwise, just line 'em up and 'shoot em, as we say in the trade.