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Golden View Park photos

Golden View Park next to Golden View Grade School and Farm is a little bit of country in the middle of the city.

Golden View Park
Wrenfield Drive and Cobra Lane
Huntington Beach, CA  92647

Golden View Park is a 2.5 acre Huntington Beach park that includes a playground, dirt volleyball courts with room for two games and a meandering field leading to a fenced farm yard. If you want to purchase a house nearby, the law of the land is that bunnies, chickens and ducks can come bounding into your yard at any time and if you hear the rooster crow, it is sunrise--time to wake up.

Golden View School and Park have been a mainstay of a north Huntington Beach neighborhood for several decades. Many students have passed through the gates of a unique two-acre Student Environmental Learning Facility (SELF) at Golden View School. The fenced farm contains a combination of flora, fauna, a deciduous forest, conifer tree area, a stream and pond, and a variety of animals, such as sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits. Academic lessons include an opportunity to learn about responsibility by caring for the animals and maintaining this special outdoor learning lab under the supervision of S.E.L.F. instructional aide.  A western style corral for the animals and a large garden with raised planter beds are examples of the ongoing development of the farm.  Parents and students support S.E.L.F. through their fundraising efforts and working on the "Farm" during the weekends and summer. 

The farm has long been a learning tool for youth in the school system. They take educational courses about animals and receive hands-on experience with lessons around the farm yard interacting with mostly docile, though sometimes unpredictable creatures.  

The playground at the public Golden View Park adjacent to the school includes a Playworld Systems jungle gym with tube slides, ladders to climb and the color scheme seen in the play sets throughout Huntington Beach, red, blue and white. There's a stand along swing set with two baby swings and two regular belt strap-black swings for children and adults. Yes, at many Huntington Beach parks, the adults like to swing. It's a primal thing that's really lots of fun!

A volleyball area contains poles for two sets of nets. There's also a tike-size batter's cage fenced area overlooking a large green field perfect for youth softball. Several tennis courts and basketball courts on the school property are used by the public on weekends, after school hours and when school is not in session.

Golden View Park does not have public restroom facilities and has no picnic tables.

Huntington Beach Parks

The City of Huntington Beach (California) is the caretaker and steward of the Huntington Beach public park system. Two departments involved with Huntington Beach parks are the Community Services Department and Park Maintenance. Park Maintenance is responsible for maintaining approximately 70 parks and public facilities, totaling 598 acres, 169 playground apparatus and irrigation systems. 

Park Maintenance is also an integral component in special events in the City, closely working with Community Services to set up for events and activities that take place on or near park facilities. Community Services not only handles the rental of the park facilities but also operates programs for the public that include softball leagues, exercise classes, cooking, dancing and other types of interesting and fun things to do. For more information on park maintenance call (714) 536-5480.  For information on park facilities or to make a reservation call Community Services at (714) 536-5486 or the phone numbers provided on the featured parks pages.