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Surfer above rings in the New Year 2009 on a calendar you can click the numbers on to find out more about the events and activities happening on this January day in 2009. Surfing is a great image to greet travelers to Huntington Beach. It typifies what you will notice most as you arrive at the beach. Surfing is a sport and activity that looms large in this beach city known as Surf City for its surfing culture.

Huntington Beach California events in January include the launch of the season with the Surf City Splash (formerly known as Pier's Polar Plunge). In the centennial year of the city of Huntington Beach, January also is launched with a float in the Rose Parade (Tournament of Roses), and additional events that the community may participate in.

We've launched the New Year 2009 with a picture of a surfer off the shore of "HB" because this image is what you will consistently see day after day in Surf City. The surfer is riding a mellow wave as a shorebird stands and watches his surroundings.

Surfing is a huge industry and no city honors this industry as much as Huntington Beach. Although Quiksilver is moving its headquarters away from Huntington Beach (bye bye), there are a handful of board shapers that are recognized in the city. Surf shops abound on and around the core of the surfing scene along Main Street that ends at the Pacific Ocean.

With The Greek's shop (look for HB Realty on the third block, then wander in to check out the boards), Rockin' Fig boards, 5th Stree Surf Shop, Chuck Dent Surfboards (on 5th), Jack's Surfboards and Huntington Surf & Sport on Main, tourists and locals are in the zone for purchasing a custom or off-the-shelf board of their own.