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Visitors Bureaus are often called Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) or Conference and Visitors Bureau (CVB) or Visitors Conference Bureau (VCB).  Not to confuse the public with these acronyms, the agencies and organizations can be operated as nonprofit entities funded by a local city or group of cities through taxes such as sales and property tax or through a hotel bed tax. A portion of money collected through a Business Improvement District (BID) fund may be supplied to an agency or assigned to a company to be spent to advertise and promote the funding organization's interest.

What does it mean for the tourist'  Tourists in Europe and Great Britain are quite aware of the visitor center and they often seek out a place in each city they visit in California. Many smaller towns and cities do not offer such a service but most the larger ones do. As the internet grows and plays an increasing role in travel planning, the marketing becomes more available to independent travelers, tour and travel groups and journalists writing about destinations and travel experiences.

For the traveler, you have great resources available to you right here on this website and on the internet. We've included a list of contacts for your assistance. You can look at their websites. Many provide free vacation booklets and guides that they will send to you at absolutely no cost.  That's a fantastic price! 

If you have questions about an upcoming trip or vacation plans, your first best bet is to contact one of these agencies or companies below.  Usually, they can answer your questions and put you in touch with those who can help. 

As travel journalists and writers, our staff has a limited knowledge base about travel to California. We also know where to find the answers to many questions asked. Once you learn about the resources, it becomes easier to plan your business trip, wedding, vacation, anniversary, family reunion or even do a report for a school project.