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Athens West Greek Food in Huntington Beach, California


Athens West in Seacliff Shopping Center, 7101 Yorktown Ave.,
Huntington Beach, CA 92648  Call: ( 714 ) 536 - 6112

A thens West Greek restaurant in Seacliff Shopping Center is the sandwich shop with great gyros, food plates and salads served with plastic forks and spoons. Popular for take out dining or sit-in (there are tables on a patio outside, too), you walk up to a counter to order your meal and pay in advance. It is then delivered to your table.

The small dining room is bright, pleasant and busy. You can watch the food preparers make the sandwiches and meals in behind a glass wall where the meat and grills are located. Favorites are Lamb-o-Rama, Gyro Sandwich or Salad and Kabob Plates. The dressings are made fresh with a quality Balsamic vinegar and Dill Sauce in plastic cup containers that come with your sandwiches and breads. Salads are fresh and include several pitted, black olives, tomato, feta cheese and a pepperoncini pepper. Other items include Pita Sandwich and Lamb Chops.

Athens West serves beer and wine and is open for lunch and dinner daily. They offer catering. Prices range from approximately $5 to 12 for a filling sandwich or meal.

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