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Board Agendas & Minutes


The Downtown Huntington Beach Business Improvement District is a business organization, dedicated to enhancing the downtown business environment by providing opportunities, service, information, and encourages businesses to work together for their collective best interest. It perpetuates the spirit, values and vision that a community must exercise in order to achieve an exemplary life style.



BID Meeting Minutes



Present: Susie, Bill, Connie, Steve, Craig Tom, Stephanie. Nicole, Craig, & Sue, Keith sitting in for Aaron

Excuses Absence- Lee



I.     Open Meeting-2:20 P.M.


II.   Approval of Meeting Minutes- Nicole motioned to approve 4-21-09

               Minutes, 2nd Stephanie, motion passed


      III.  Financial Report- Stephanie presented April Financials

                Steve motioned to approve, 2nd Tomas, motion passed


IV.  Old Business

'        New BID Logo-Stephanie presented a color version and the Board approved Logo on file

'        Movie Night Under The Stars-Connie reported that So Cal Film Festival will be presenting films at the pier every Thursday in the month of August and the entire cost has been sponsored. Film names are on file

'        Chili At The Beach-Connie reported we have solidified  advertising with O.C. Weekly valued over $3,000 in trade. Also, KOCI radio station will be broadcasting from the event

'        BID Tri Fold Directory- Connie reported that Susie and her have been working on it, however, discovered the roster provided by the city was not accurate enough for the project, which now is taking more research than anticipated.

'        Mascott-Susie presented the idea of the BID having a Dolphin as a BID Mascot, and possibly enter into the 4th of July Parade. After much discussion, the idea was tabled again. Connie to get information from the Parade committee the cost to enter. 

'        SCN Task Force-Susie presented what took place at the meeting with Lee Ostendorf, the Farmers Market Manager, and addressing some issue's that needed attending to. Connie reported that the Surf City Idol contest partners, the Music Factory, regretfully had to cancel out this year, as they will be on tour.  Connie is searching for another co-sponsor.

'        City/BID Maintenance Memorandum of Understanding-Bill reported what took place at the meeting with the attorney. The city has agreed to add the changes requested by the Board members. Motion to approve Stephanie, 2nd Steve, motion passed to move forward upon review of the BID attorney.

'        4th July Official Program- Connie presented the request for the BID to place an add for $100.00. Steve motioned to approve, 2nd Thomas, motioned passed.

'        Image Ad Hoc sub Committee's- Susie identified which Board members are sitting on the various sub committees.


 V.   New Business

'        Shuttle Request for Volley Ball Tournament-After discussion about past history, with the Shuttle not making a difference in the guest attendance to downtown, Susie motioned not to hire a shuttle, 2nd Bill motion passed with on abstention

'        Aquarium of the Pacific on Wheels for Chili At The Beach- Connie reported she has asked Fred's and Sharkeez to sponsor, and still waiting for a response

'        Ordinance No. 3817 ' Deals with Real Estate Licenses, which states that only the Broker is required to get a city license, and not the Realtor. The BID will offer out to the Realtors, the opportunity, to join the BID as individuals.


VI.            Non Agenda Item

'        100Years/100 Families-Connie announced the launch of the site with the stories and will continue to build on, with the goal of 100 stories by end of the Centennial year.  A commercial for HB3 is being organized and the hope is to find a sponsor when the Centennial year is over to create a scrapbook.


VII.            Meeting Adjourned at 3:30 pm- Next Meeting June 19th at the BID

Office, at 2:00 P.M.






Connie Pedenko, Executive Director/Consultant

                                                             Office number (714) 536-8300  E-Mail

412 Olive Street, Suite 149 Huntington Beach, CA  92648