Huntington Beach Downtown Business Improvement District

Board Agendas & Minutes


The Downtown Huntington Beach Business Improvement District is a business organization, dedicated to enhancing the downtown business environment by providing opportunities, service, information, and encourages businesses to work together for their collective best interest. It perpetuates the spirit, values and vision that a community must exercise in order to achieve an exemplary life style.






Day: Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Location: IHop

Time: 2:00-3:00pm


I.   2:00 PM Open Meeting 'Susie Smith, President

       Welcome Nicole Topor


                      II.   Approval of 2-17-09 Minutes                  


                     III.    Financial Report-Stephanie Inbody- Treasurer

A.      February Financial Reports:

'        Profit & Loss Budget Performance & Balance Sheet


                       IV.   Old Business

A.      Maintenance Partnership Concept Update-Bill report

B.      New BID Logo-Stephanie report

C.      Chili At The Beach-Michael/Lee report

D.      Downtown Property Owner Update-Susie

E.       BID Office Equipment-Connie

F.       Stakeholders meeting-Connie


  V.   New Business

A.     Public Hearing March 25th 1:30 Room B-8-Conditional Use Permit

For a commercial 620 sq. ft., single story building located on the southerly

portion of Platform No. 1 on the municipal Pier.


                          VI.   Adjournment- Next meeting April 21st, IHop, 2:00pm.







 Meeting Round Rules


*Respect each other's time: be on time and stay for the entire meeting          

*Avoid side conversations *State your position first then explain the point (agenda items)

 *Help create a nonjudgmental environment where ideas have value and creativity is encouraged

 *Hold all non-agenda items until the entire agenda has been addressed *Turn off cell phones


* The Bid President will manage the discussion in order to achieve meetings goal