Huntington Beach Downtown Business Improvement District

Board Agendas & Minutes


The Downtown Huntington Beach Business Improvement District is a business organization, dedicated to enhancing the downtown business environment by providing opportunities, service, information, and encourages businesses to work together for their collective best interest. It perpetuates the spirit, values and vision that a community must exercise in order to achieve an exemplary life style.



HBDBID Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes



Present:  Susie Smith, Bill Cuppy, Stephanie Inbody, Tom Black, Aaron Pai, Michael Moroneso, Lee Love, Steve Daniel, Connie Pedenko


Absent: Moe Memon


Open Meeting-Susie Smith @ 2:10


RE: Approval of Minutes-01-20-09

  • Motion to Approve Lee, Steve 2nd, motion passed.  Financials on file.


RE:  Financial Report- Stephanie

  • Motion to approve January financial report as presented, Steve, Lee 2nd, motion passed
  • Discussion-Stephanie suggest that she receive a more detailed SCN financial report

to include who the exhibitors are, Connie to inform the BID CPA Audra.


RE:  Old Business

  • Bill gave an update on where we are at with the Maintenance Partnership Concept. 

We are waiting for the formalized work specifications from the city, then the BID will

Go out for formal BID, then back to the city for the city attorney to draw up a contract, then from their back to the BID for the BID Attorney to review.

  • Stephanie presented 6 drawings of possible new BID logo's.  After much Board discussion, a consensus was determined on the best choice.  Stephanie will move forward

with the information, and come back next month with an example based on discussion

  • Connie reported on the current outcome on the 100Years/100Family project. Submission

of stories have been not as we had hoped the first two weeks, but have two weeks remaining. Gift bags prepared with BID member coupons, are being distributed to not

only the guests submitting a story but to the guest attending Pier Plaza Centennial this evening.

  • Ambassador Chairman Michael Moroneso, and Lee Love presented Ambassador progress on the Father's Day Weekend event, 'Chili At The Beach,' Lee reported that we will have no problem solidifying 15 Chili participants.  The budget for the event was discussed and a motion to approve Susie, Bill 2nd, motion passed. Stephanie had concern about the street being closed for two day's, Michael and Lee explained the incentive to the Saturday Chili participants is to be able to exhibit on Sunday, plus will provide more revenue to the BID through non BID exhibit sales.   And assured the Sunday's special attractions will enhance the event this year.  Sunday the event concludes at 4:00pm and the street will be open to through traffic by 6:00pm


RE: Non Agenda Items:

  • Susie informed the Board we are in the process of collecting downtown property owners

information, for the purpose of building better communications.

  • Open discussion on SCN on generating more income and to do an overall review. Susie

Formulated a task force, consisting of Susie, Steve, Aaron Thomas and Bill. They are to meet on March 3rd at 2:00 at IHop

  • Connie explained the current process in obtaining and placing the SCN entertainment.  Connie suggested that the entertainment task force meet again on Feb. 24th at 2:00 at the BID office.  Task Force includes Susie, Bill, Connie and Lee Ostendorf, the Farmers Market Manager.


RE: Adjournment 3:15- Next Board meeting March 24th, at Ihop, ( 4th Tuesday) 2:00pm






 Meeting Round Rules


*Respect each other's time: be on time and stay for the entire meeting          

*Avoid side conversations *State your position first then explain the point (agenda items)

 *Help create a nonjudgmental environment where ideas have value and creativity is encouraged

 *Hold all non-agenda items until the entire agenda has been addressed *Turn off cell phones


* The Bid President will manage the discussion in order to achieve meetings goal