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woody on hb pier plaza
Woody on the Huntington Beach Pier

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A woody car at Pier Plaza in Huntington Beach eases onto Coast Highway. Seen in the background are Duke's and Savannah's restaurant signs, palm trees and blue skies, plus a group of admirers who watch the maroon are with its two-toned wood trim roll out. On May 15, 2006 Mayor Dave Sullivan asked to designate the Woodie as the Official Car of Huntington Beach. The City Council considered a communication from Mayor Sullivan transmitting the statement: "The Woodie is intimately associated with surfing. The Conference and Visitors Bureau has found that the Surf City image is an ideal marketing tool for tourism." A motion was made by Cook, second Hardy to designate the Woodie as the official car of Huntington Beach. The motion carried.

Huntington Beach is a typical beach town on the Southern California coast. You'll see an over-abundance pretty girls on hot summer days, tanned guys, and woodies. Not only is the "wood" the official car of Huntington Beach, it might as well be considered the official car of every coastal city from Malibu to San Diego.

The woody car clubs like to get and drive, participate in car events and show off their well preserved or refurbished vehicles with authentic wood trims for which they were named. Woodies come in lots of sizes, shapes and colors, but they generally originate from a certain era (mid-20th century). You'll often find kids' eyes light up with excitement and the big kids light up even brighter when a woody car pulls up. Like a shiny present, the cars are admired for their natural wood grain doors, often two-toned in color.