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Board Agendas & Minutes


The Downtown Huntington Beach Business Improvement District is a business organization, dedicated to enhancing the downtown business environment by providing opportunities, service, information, and encourages businesses to work together for their collective best interest. It perpetuates the spirit, values and vision that a community must exercise in order to achieve an exemplary life style.



BID Meeting Minutes



Present: Susie, Bill, Connie, Steve, Michael, Lee, Tom & Nicole                      

Absent:   Tony, Stephanie, & Aaron


I.    Open Meeting-2:10 Susie opened the meeting


II. Approval of Meeting Minutes- Bill motioned to approve the minutes from 03/24/09 meeting & Michael seconded them.


III.           Financial Report- Stephanie was absent to report March's financials.

'        Profit & Loss Budget Performance & Balance Sheet- Stephanie was absent to report March's financials.

'        SCN Event Coordinator Job Description- There was a lengthy conversation regarding this item and has been tabled for further discussion.


IV. Old Business

A. Maintenance Partnership Concept Update- Bill had a meeting with Anna from CIM (property management) and went over the changes he had. She agreed with the changes & we do not need night porters from 10 pm ' 7 am. He also met with Nova from the city in a 'non city manner' going over his minor concerns regarding city contract requests vs. city requests. For example allowing a 10% maintenance fee reduction to do the job & using the excess for administrative cost. Connie will send an email out to the board to review draft & map & have them return to Bill with comments.

B. New BID Logo- Stephanie absent so tabled until next meeting.

C. Chili @ the Beach- Lee received 2 completed applications from Smokin' Mo's & Longboards. She sent out an email with all the info but there seemed to be some confusion with the merchants who thought they had to participate both as a contestant & exhibitor. Lee was hoping to have the other 13 chili contestants solidified by next week. Susie reported she had 2 exhibitors for that weekend. Connie reported that Palm Spring Air Museum will be bringing out little airplanes for the kids & the Army is providing a climbing wall.

D. BID Tri Fold Directory- Connie reported she received 3 quotes & 2 of the quotes included artwork but wasn't sure if the quote from Stephanie's contact did. The information for the tri fold is collected from website & walking into the businesses & getting their card.

E. Meeting with CVB- Susie, Michael & Connie met with Steve Bone regarding 10,000 boards in the sand. Susie reported that it was only a one day event (Saturday) and it would not be profitable for a street closure for the BID. It was suggested to take the info to the Ambassadors and see what they can come up with an idea to incorporate the BID into the event. The Chamber is participating in the event as wells a lot of vendors on Pier Plaza. It was suggested to do a car show and ask Steve Bone for the funding.

F. BID Mascot- There was a lengthy conversation regarding this item so the item was tabled until next meeting.


V. New Business

A. Website Coupon Program- Connie is working with the BID webmaster and building a link for a coupons for downtown that will be that can be printed of the site.  If a BID member is interested they will need to contact Debbie our webmaster. The coupon will print out as a whole page with various coupons from merchants. It is no cost for BID members and coupons will change quarterly.

B. HB Downtown Ad Hoc Meeting-April 27th 6:00 pm @ Art Center


Meeting Adjourned at 3:15 pm- Next Meeting May 19, 2009 @ 2:00pm at Ihop 





Connie Pedenko, Executive Director/Consultant

                                                             Office number (714) 536-8300  E-Mail

412 Olive Street, Suite 149 Huntington Beach, CA  92648