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Board Agendas & Minutes


The Downtown Huntington Beach Business Improvement District is a business organization, dedicated to enhancing the downtown business environment by providing opportunities, service, information, and encourages businesses to work together for their collective best interest. It perpetuates the spirit, values and vision that a community must exercise in order to achieve an exemplary life style.





Date: 10-27-09   

Day: Tuesday                                                                                      

Location: BID Office                                                                                    

Time: 2:00 -3:30pm

        I.   Open Meeting: Susie Smith, President, called meeting to order at 2:15pm

Present: Susie Smith, Bill Cuppy, Connie Pedenko, Lee Love, Tom Black,

                 Stephanie Inbody, Sue Harrison, Steve Daniel, Craig Franz

Absent: Nicole Topor, Aaron Pai


II. Approval of Meeting Minutes: Stephanie motioned to approve the

                                minutes from 9-22-09 and Lee seconded, motion carried.


       III. Financial Report-Stephanie reported $75,000 in our account.

             We have a new accountant who is experienced with 501C6 organizations

                Two signatures are necessary for all outgoing checks (Treasurer plus one

                 of the Executive Board). It was suggested we have a transitional meeting

                 To explain the financials to the new Board. Bill motioned to approve the

                 Financials and Sue seconded, motion carried. Financials on file.


  IV. Old Business:

A.      Art Walk: Bill asked about the responses to date regarding participation. Susie said the following have already expressed interest: Makin' Waves, No Ka Oi, Gallagher's, Fred's, Altera. Artists must apply through an art board for vetting purposes. Artists do not have to be HB locals. We will have established artists, as well as student artists. The map is in process, as are the rules and regulations. Sponsors are welcome to provide cookies and punch, or whatever they like to add to the ambiance. Discussion ensued as to how best indicate where artists are located (Balloons' American Flags') The Art Walk will start in January and continue on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

B.     Taxi Vouchers: Harbor Distributors wants to give out taxi vouchers for a ride home and a ride to your car in the morning. They will be testing the voucher program on St. Patrick's Day. In the future, this may be standard for big events and holidays. HB Beer Company already sponsors taxi rides during major holidays and events. Next step is to meet wit Harbor Distributors. Susie got the ball rolling on this, and needs someone to take over. Tom volunteered to deal with Roz and work out methods of distribution of vouchers to customers, and work out a deal with Yellow Cab.

C.    Establish Individual Realtors BID Member dues: Realtor Board Membership dues in amount of $30.00 were established.

D.    Present 2009-2010 Slate of Officers and Directors: Bill offered to spearhead the by law revisions. Stephanie motioned, Tom seconded and it was passed for Bill to put a committee together to review other 501c6 organization bylaws. Stephanie commented the bylaws that are in place are very open for interpretation. If you are elected to a seat you need to be present to vote. No more proxies which need to be stated in the bylaws.

E.     Parking: Discussion regarding parking included the BID Board comments to the City, and their proposal response. Validations will be discussed and voted on December 2, 2009. We had made concessions to the parking study, and the City didn't make any concessions except to eliminate a couple of the things we were asking for. We had 13 things on the list to be addressed. We agreed to take the yearly pass away. We did NOT agree with their recommendation for employer and customer validations. People don't realize that tax increments were supposed to pay for the garage which has only 700 spaces.


V.  New Business:


A.     BID Board meaning of 'Marketing' responses: Connie distributed the responses received ' on file.

B.     Inaugural Celebration: 2009 Inaugural and Installation Celebration November 11th, at The Waterfront Hilton.

C. Submitted Advertising opportunities: We should have something in our bylaws regarding the types of advertising the BID will agree to. Susie suggested the bylaws will be on the agenda in  February 2010 to begin the review process.


                  VI. Non-Agenda:

A.     Surf City Nights Update: SCN Task Force Committee will reconvene to address event challenges.  Susie said it is a huge undertaking to accomplish what needs to be done.  The committee has gathered rules and regulations of other similar events. Steve Daniel volunteered to sit on the Task Force as well.

B.     Downtown Specific Plan Update: Sue has decided not to head the DTSP committee. Bill offered to head up the Task Force and it will include Sue and Steve.

                                C.   It Was Suggested: Ambassadors need to keep the board abreast

                                         of changes and aware of event dates. Susie reported that beginning

                                         next month the Chairman or a representative of the Ambassadors will be at every board meeting.

                                 D.  BID Sponsoring Santa: Susie reported that an e-mail was sent

                                        out to 'Santa' to confirm 2 weeks for $200.00 total. There is $2,500

in SSN budget. Lee motioned to approve Santa December 15th & 22nd. Stephanie seconded, motion passed. Steve mentioned that he  knows a 'Santa' who likes to hand out candy canes down Main Street, and he doesn't charge. The BID can just give him 

candy canes to hand out. Lee motioned the BID allocate  $50.00 for Steve to spend on candy, Bill seconded, and motion  passed.

 E.  Maintenance Program: Bill asked who was taking over the

        maintenance management. Connie stated that she will continue to 

   work with the City, Contractor, day porters and handle any  problems that arise.


Meeting Adjourned at 3:45 PM

Next Meeting November 24, 2009 @ 2:00pm                                                            










 Meeting Round Rules


*Respect each other's time: be on time and stay for the entire meeting          

*Avoid side conversations *State your position first then explain the point (agenda items)

 *Help create a nonjudgmental environment where ideas have value and creativity is encouraged

 *Hold all non-agenda items until the entire agenda has been addressed *Turn off cell phones


* The Bid President will manage the discussion in order to achieve meetings goal





Connie Pedenko, Executive Director/Consultant

                                                             Office number (714) 536-8300  E-Mail

412 Olive Street, Suite 149 Huntington Beach, CA  92648