Huntington Beach Downtown

Business Improvement District



November 24, 2009

BID OFFICE:  315 3rd Street, Suite E

Huntington Beach, CA  92648

(714) 536-8300





Members Present:  Ron McLin, Bill Cuppy, Tom Black, Paulette Fischer, Susie Smith, Nicole, Keith Breiter for Aaron Pai, Connie Pedenko, Lee Love, Rob Kee


Members Absent:   Brett Barnes (excused), Craig Franz, Aaron Pai


I.   Call to Order:  Ron called the meeting to order at 2:06 PM.  Ron & Susie are conducting the meeting in place of Brett Barnes, who is out of town


Ron welcomed all Board Members and had everyone introduce themselves and give three goals and / or objectives for the BID for the next six (6) months to a year ' Comments on file


II.   Approval of 10-27-09 Minutes                  

  • Item 6B is incorrect. Bill didn't volunteer to run Downtown specific Plan Committee.  Steve was the one who offered to lead the task force.  Motion by Bill Cuppy motioned to approve the minutes with corrections.  Susie seconded /  motion passed.                     


III.    Financial Report- Nicole Topor

  • October Financial Reports:  Nicole reported that the bank balance is currently $69K. Discussion ensued regarding administration expenses.  It was suggested to create a timeline of budgeted events.  Nicole asked the BID Board Members to review the financials and ask any questions the week PRIOR to the meeting, so she can do any required research.  Also requested the same courtesy with the Minutes. Bill motioned to approve the financial report.  Susie seconded / motion passed.

Financials on file.



IV.    Old Business

  • Art Walk (Susie / Connie):

i)         Moving along per Susie:

(1)     Facebook page

(2)     Ad on Craig's list to recruit artists (large response)

(3)     Need more businesses to host artists from 6-9 PM on 3rd Wednesdays

(4)     2 maps (winter / summer)

(5)     Distribute flyers during SCN

ii)       Rob mentioned the idea of recruiting students from the art institute and different colleges.

iii)      It was suggested that City help with costs.

iv)      Ron wants banners for next Halloween

v)        Ron motioned to approve budget $1000 to be added to the Art Walk budget to hang banners on Main Street for Art Walk (generic info on banner for extended use) in January.  Bill seconded / motion passed.

  • Taxi Vouchers (Tom Black):

Meeting on Thursday Dec. 3 at 10AM with Harbor Distributing Taxi Services at Crabbys.    Harbor Distributing will provide the funding for the BID Voucher Program.


  • Parking - City Council (Ron McLin):

Ron reported 50 cent vouchers (up from 25 cents).  Parking is now $2/day vs. $1/day.  There is a  combo pack pass.  Parking structure is $15 daily and $17 on weekends.  Lowered 1st & 2nd hours and goes up to $3/hr starting 3rd hr.  Raises costs to businesses.  $125 to $150 for annual pass; $15 to $20 for monthly pass.  Life guard station will issue passes.  Effective date is January, 2010.


  • BID by-laws- President's request (Connie Pedenko):

By-Laws task force with Bill as leader and Nicole and Stephanie on the committee. Brett requested to have report by December 15, on the research of other BID or 501c By-Laws on election processes, etc.  Susie suggested that By-Laws be on February's agenda.


 V.  New Business


  • Ambassador Report (Rob Kee):

Ambassadors want to centralize all communications

Ambassadors will volunteer with Light of Love folks


  • President's request to move Meeting Date and Time to 3rd Wednesdays @ 1:30pm starting in January and have December Dark

Nicole motioned to start new meeting dates in 2010 for every 3rd Wed. at 1:30 PM (Jan 20th is first mtg.); Tom seconded / motion passed.  Ron motioned not to go dark in December.  Tom seconded / motion passed.  Ron invited the BOD to conduct the December meeting at Longboards, which was unanimously approved.


The Ambassadors will meet on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month beginning in January


  • Vision and Purpose Handout (Connie Pedenko):

Discussed Vision and Purpose task grid and listed anticipated due dates. Completion dates will be added to spreadsheet.  Susie wants someone to take over property owners list to communicate with them.  Economic Development (Simone) is supposed to contact property owners. Ron went through entire list and discussed item by item.

  • Susie reported SCN committee consists of Susie Smith, Bill Cuppy, Les Draper and Bob Hoxsie, Karen Gabelhouse, Connie Pedenko and City Staff.  Meeting Date is Tuesday Dec 8 @ 2pm at BID office


    VI.  Adjournment ' Next meeting, Wednesday December 16, 1:30pm, Longboard's. 

          Executive Board meeting TBA.