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Board Agendas & Minutes


The Downtown Huntington Beach Business Improvement District is a business organization, dedicated to enhancing the downtown business environment by providing opportunities, service, information, and encourages businesses to work together for their collective best interest. It perpetuates the spirit, values and vision that a community must exercise in order to achieve an exemplary life style.


HBDBID Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes

HBDBID Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes



Present: Steve Daniel, Ron McLin, Bill Cuppy, Stephanie Inbody, Susie Smith, Steve Grabowski, Connie Pedenko & Board Candidate Tom Black


Absent:  Tony Motakef, Brett Barnes, Bob Bolen


Presentation: Bob Hall, Deputy City Administrator City Of HB & Nova Punongbayan, Assistant Project Manager, Economic Development Department and Jim Jones, Maintenance Administrative Manager.


Subject: Downtown Maintenance Partnership Program Concept. The scope of work and boundaries for the initial program were presented and discussed. A figure of $162,000 was suggested, Jim Jones to come back to the Board with the actual current downtown maintenance figures, for the boundaries proposed.  The Board will go into future discussions and should have a decision within the next 4'8 weeks. Presentation information on file.


Steve Daniel -Opened the Meeting 2:30pm


RE: Approval of 9-16-08 minutes

'         Motion to Approve by Ron, 2nd Stephanie, motion passed


RE:  Financial Report- Steve G- Presented:

'         Profit & Loss Performance August & Balance as of September, 2008- Motion to approve by Ron, 2nd Stephanie, Motion passed- Report on File


RE:  Old Business


'         SCN- Connie reported, that the entertainment is currently being coordinated through the BID office and the Street Performers are check-in at the BID Booth and Lee Ostendorf is providing the parking passes.


'         Finalization of Halloween- Steve D. reported, the event is moving along according to plan


'         HB Youth Shelter request- Ron presented a request for a new banner to be purchased by the BID for the Light a Light of Love Holiday event, plus repair the one from last year. Two banner quotes one file. Ron also asked that the BID provide the funds to print the 'Taste of Main tickets for the event as well, a total of $1,000 to the Youth Shelter,  $2,000 for the front cover of the Clipper Magazine Holiday edition., and another $3,000 for Advertising and Marketing downtown during the Holiday season.  Motion to approve Steve D., 2nd Stephanie, Motion passed. Connie to get some Advertising BID's


'         Inaugural Celebration- Connie reported that its going according to plan


'         Restaurant/City 10-15-08 meeting- Stephanie and Ron reported a alcohol related police report. Lengthy Board discussion determined the BID will take a proactive approach and formulate a BID 'Downtown Image' directional committee/task force to identify and find solution to the existing over-serving challenge and the problems it causes to the downtown image and safety and welfare of others.  Steve D. to take the leadership and candidates were identified as possible individuals to sit on the committee, which consists of Board members, 2 city council members, community at large, and representative from the Economic Development Department.  First meeting November 19th 3:00pm, location to be determined.


RE: New Business


'         Steve D. thanked those Board members who will be stepping down for there years of dedicated service to the downtown businesses.

'         New Members tabled to the next meeting.


Meeting Adjourned ' 4:15 PM. Next meeting Board Meeting, Tuesday, November18th 2008 at IHop at 2:00 PM ' First official Board meeting for the 208/2009 slate of officers and Directors, and Immediate Past President





Connie Pedenko, Executive Director

Cell (714) 655-0569 E-Mail

412 Olive Street, Suite 149 Huntington Beach, CA  92648