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Board Agendas & Minutes


The Downtown Huntington Beach Business Improvement District is a business organization, dedicated to enhancing the downtown business environment by providing opportunities, service, information, and encourages businesses to work together for their collective best interest. It perpetuates the spirit, values and vision that a community must exercise in order to achieve an exemplary life style.


HBDBID Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes


Present: Steve Daniel, Ron McLin, Tony Motakef , Stephanie Inbody, Susie Smith & Connie Pedenko

Absent: Bill Cuppy (excused absence) Brett Barns (excused absence) Bob Bolen, Steve Grabowski 

Steve Daniel- Opened meeting at 2:10

Presentation by: Kevin Elliot, President & Keith Walker director of Business Development for Code4 Media. A Downtown Directories Turnkey Implementation Proposal was presented and discussed. Proposal included two design options of a 'backlit directory' Steve informed Code 4 Media that the regularly scheduled Downtown Economic Development committee would be meeting the following morning and their design concepts would be presented.


RE: Approval of Minutes-03-18--08

  • Motion to Approve by Ron, 2nd Tony, motion passed

RE: Financial Report

  • Profit and Loss October 1, 2007-May 24, Electronically submitted and Board approved. Financials on file.
  • Steve D. reported the follow up to the City/BID Surf City Nights Agreement and the Board approved letter to Stanley Smalewitz, Director of Economic Development Department has had no response to date. Steve further stated the agreement and a copy of the letter to Stanley Smalewitz is in the hands of the BID attorney for review. Agreement and letter on file.

RE: Old Business

  • Chili At The Beach-Susie reported the event is going according to plan and the Ambassadors all have their assigned tasks, however, the raffle cannot take place this year as it has to be state approved, so an alternative plan is being discussed in committee.
  • Surf City Nights-Susie reported on her and Connie's meeting with Stephen Bradford the events entertainment coordinator went well. She said Stephen understood the financial weekly commitment has put a hardship on the BID budget and would be willing to help come up with an alternative plan. One of which is to have an alternate/assistant at a lesser cost, and he coordinate off site, also at a lesser cost.

Stephanie suggested the BID conduct another survey to get the opinion of the BID members on whether or not SCN should continue year round. After much discussion about past surveys that have already been conducted, it was decided that another one was not needed at this point in time. A brief discussion on why the city is a Co-Applicant on the newly approved five year SCN permit.

Connie reported that the Surf City Nights Idol contest was ready to go, which included the rules, the sign up sheet, artwork for handbills, and Prizes. Connie requested $750.00 be budgeted for the project to purchase handbills, pennant and a cash prize. Motion to approve by Ron, 2nd Tony.

RE: New Business/Non Agenda

  • Stephanie inquired about the possibility of a 'no smoking' ordinance downtown, that was suggested by two city council members per Ron. Ron presented a memo he sent out to the downtown restaurants stating the litter could be 'easily resolved with ashtrays near the restaurants and or sweeping a couple of times during the night and at closing time.' He let the restaurants know it looks very bad to our locals who take early morning walks on Main Street. Ron's memo on file. Connie to put the same request in the June N/L.
  • Stephanie inquired, when did the no left turn on Main from PCH start' Ron stated that happens whenever downtown experiences a busy weekend. Connie to ask Lt. Mike Reynolds what constitutes a busy weekend to trigger the no left turn'
Non Agenda Item
  • Discussion on Connie researching a weekend porter service at $12.00 an hour.

Meeting Adjourned ' 3:15 PM. Next meeting Tuesday, June 17th 2008 at IHop at 1:30 PM









Connie Pedenko, Executive Director

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