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Board Agendas & Minutes


The Downtown Huntington Beach Business Improvement District is a business organization, dedicated to enhancing the downtown business environment by providing opportunities, service, information, and encourages businesses to work together for their collective best interest. It perpetuates the spirit, values and vision that a community must exercise in order to achieve an exemplary life style.


HBDBID Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes




Present: Steve Daniel, Ron McLin, Bill Cuppy, Brett Barnes, Bob Bolen, Stephanie Inbody, Steve Grabowski, Susie Smith & Connie Pedenko
Absent: Tony Motakef
Steve Daniel- Opened meeting at 2:10 PM
RE: Approval of Minutes-02-19-08

  • Motion to Approve by Steve D, 2nd Brett motion, passed with the corrections by Stephanie, that in last months non agenda items, she made the suggestion of doing 'SCN in winter or not at all.'

 RE:  Financial Report- Steve D.
Lengthy discussion on better clarification and to simplify the monthly submitted financial reports.
Much discussion on the city's newly required billing process on how to receive the monthly BID assessment funds. The process has been an arduous time consuming task on many people's part, including city staff, the BID CPA, Volunteer's and BID Staff.  Up until this time the process still has not had been clarified, however we have been assured the funds that are now 5 months passed due, will be arriving.  It was suggested that several Board members have an immediate meeting with the Economic Development Department Head.
No approval was made on the February's financial reports.
RE:  Old Business

  • By-laws-Board approved mailing out the newly Board approved by laws and a newsletter in an envelop to all BID members

  • Woody Car Show Critique- Ron & Connie both spoke to Tom Long the promoter. He said,
    'with some changes to the Sunday venue, the event would be successful both days next year.'  Suggestions on file

  • Paintball- Connie reported so far no volunteers have stepped to man the table.  Not being a budgeted item, Brett and Ron representing the Restaurant Association, suggested, they may be able to help with paid staff if needed.

  • Chili At The Beach-A brief report from Connie on how the Ambassadors were doing in the organizational process of the event.  Waiting for a final answer from CHOC about being the recipient of the funds generated by the Chili Cook-off and raffle portion of the event.

RE: New Business
Surf City Nights-Connie reported that in June, a Surf City Night's Idol Contest will begin. The BID is working with the Music Factory to put this event on. Secondly, an International Film Festival will also be implemented this summer into SCN.

BID Business Development Committee- Tabled until the next Board meeting.
Non- Agenda items:
Stephanie open the discussion on weather we should be continuing SCN and questioned whether or not the BID members like the event.  After much discussion it was decided to once again, conduct a survey out to the members prior to September,  to solicit opinions.
Meeting Adjourned - 3:30 PM. Next meeting Tuesday, April 25th 2008 at IHop at 1:30 PM








Connie Pedenko, Executive Director

Cell (714) 655-0569 E-Mail

412 Olive Street, Suite 149 Huntington Beach, CA  92648