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They Fixed the Clock on Jack’s Surfboards in Time for US Open

For months the clocks on top of Jacks Surfboards at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway & Main Street have had the wrong times–off by hours, in fact! Just this week we noticed the clocks have been set to show the correct time, just in time for the US Open of Surfing. Perhaps someone decided if they were going to put big US Open of Surfing decals in the windows just beneath the clocks, the time should be correct.

In another note, the signs are going up to obstruct views of the unfinished Pacific City on Pacific Coast Highway between the Hilton hotel and Main Street. When event organizers placed similar signs on the fencing a year ago, the signage remained for several months till it became tattered and faded. Then somebody finally removed it. It was certainly better looking than the green netting on the fence that has been in place for several years since the project stalled and Makar Properties re-organized with inability to keep this asset and finish the mixed use project that was to include housing, commercial and entertainment uses.

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