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No Time For Blues, Q & A with BB Jazz Founder Betty Bennish

BB Jazz festival celebrates Fall with all star line up of musical acts! Held Saturday, September 8, 2012. Gates open at 10 a.m. General seating available $45.

With Labor Day long gone the beaches instantly thinned out and kids are lugging their backpacks to school instead of beach towels to the Pacific Coast. It’s a sinking feeling for some who love the beach and want to live there every day of their lives but can’t for one reason or another. It almost has you singing the blues.

Hold back on that sensation and turn it around with a concert that will have you hitting high notes in Huntington Beach’s Central Park. BB Jazz Festival celebrates 10 years in 2012 with founders Corky & Betty Bennish proud of their accomplishments. Here are a few questions we had and thoughts from Betty Bennish:

Q.  What has changed in 10 years?
A.  Betty: The music industry has changed so much for the artist in the last 10 years and we have to keep up with the changes if we are going to make a difference for them.  The record sales are down and a lot depends on their touring.  People don’t have the same money to spend on entertainment as they did 10 years ago so they are not attending as many events. Almost 100% of the artists I bring to the stage I have seen them perform live so I know they will connect to the audience and it will be a great show.  I am always looking for the new artist or the east coast artist that doesn’t get out here that often.  I feel I owe it to the fans to bring the best always!!
Q. What drives you to do this concert and others?
A. Betty: Passion for live music, producing great shows and events that will help the artists to get fans and good exposure.  We produced a jazz series at the Wilson Creek Winery for 5 years.
Q. What has the concert accomplished in terms of providing entertainment (numbers of attendance), providing positive economic impact, bringing publicity, and/ or assisting special groups or nonprofits through contributions?
A. Betty: Over the last 12 years we have presented incredible Grammy winning artists in the Library Theatre of HB, we produce a spectacular New Years Eve Gala at the Hyatt in HB and after all of the costs are met for the production we have donated to several great causes, i.e. Pyramid Autism,Starlight Foundation, Children of Uganda,Veterans Resources and this we are adding Collette’s Children’s Home and Wounded Warriors.
Q. Any final thoughts?
A. Betty:  Keep supporting live is very healing to all of us.
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