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Huntington Beach Green Company Sees Opportunity

As Huntington Beach celebrates the “green” movement with a Green Expo at the Huntington Beach Pier on Saturday, September 15, 2012, there are many companies in the city that are spreading the energy savings love around the globe. One such firm is Greenway Design Group, Inc. which recently announced a contract to install its Cool-n-Save rooftop system on a Denny’s in San Jose, Costa Rica, the first such Denny’s installation outside the U.S. Cool-n-Save was approved for the restaurant chain in 2011. Adding to its list of clients in Mexico, Costa Rica and South Korea, the Surf City based company uses an innovative roof-top condensing coil that may end up offering savings within 7 months of use.

The restaurant which serves passengers traveling through the Juan Santamaria International Airport is hoping to see green on its investment if predictions pan out–a savings of $22,000 per year from the energy cost of running air conditioning systems and chillers, or about 25% of the current usage is expected, according to Greenway.

Darius Jakubik, the senior vice president of Greenway, says the push into Mexico, Central America,  South Korea and elsewhere show positive results and presents new opportunity for growth. See:

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