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Have You Seen a UFO in Huntington Beach?

Throughout the decades, Boeing and former McDonnell Douglas employees have reported sightings of UFOs. In fact, the local Huntington Beach facility once had a team called “Boys in the Back Room” or BITBR, assigned to back-engineer UFOs. A member of that team, Dr. Bob Wood, is now retired but often provides lectures about his life-long research into UFOs and their alleged alien occupants.  For general audiences, the physics Ph.D. discusses simple to understand concepts and presents a great paper called, “The E.T. Hypothesis is Not That Bad”.

Here’s a recent report of an unidentified object in Huntington Beach:
Huntington Beach, California UFO Sighting
Posted by Manuel Navarette on October 29, 2011 at 6:35 PM
Case Number: 32945
Log Number: US-10292011-0006
Submitted Date: 2011-10-29 17:05 GMT
Event Date: 2011-10-29 11:30 GMT
Status: Submitted

City: Huntington Beach

Region: California

Country: US

Longitude: -117.9992265

Latitude: 33.660297

Shape: Sphere,Other

Distance: Over one mile

I was pulling out of a parking lot in huntington beach ca on oct. 29 2011 when i saw what appeared to be a flock of birds fighting in the sky but very far away.. it took me a second to realize birds really dont fly like that and what were “they” circling very quickly? took out my iphone and recorded what i could but when i got home its very hard to see with it being daylight out. i did do a frame by frame (not a professional) and to the right of the tree on the left you can make out a few of them.. but they flew around in a crazed circle (like birds fighting) then que’ed up in a line and took off towards the northwest which coming from OC is directly over LA.. maybe you can “clean up” the video to see what i saw. im hoping someone else got this from a better vantage point.


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