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9 Miles of Beaches and HB Pier — You Gotta Love Huntington Beach!

Welcome to Huntington Beach, the land of sunshine, beaches and a locally world famous pier, the Huntington Beach Pier. While Coronado recently was declared the nation’s best beach, Huntington Beach’s  water quality has been much better and we think our beaches  have been overlooked.

We don’t have the longest expanse of beaches (the drive from Santa Ana River Jetty at PCH to the Anaheim Bay near Simple Green on Coast Highway is only 9.2 miles and takes about 12 minutes). We don’t even have the longest pier (HB Pier ranks 5th longest pier at 1,856 feet.) But Surf City has something that all the other beach cities in California envy. 90% of our beaches have no houses on them and no residences.

Reasons to Love Huntington Beach:

  • The US Open of Surfing, the biggest beach party in the nation and maybe the world.
  • Fireworks at the beach free annual show to accompany the 4th of July Parade. We now are one of the few beach cities allowing sale of fireworks, as well.
  • The most outdoor eateries for size of city in California and perhaps the U.S.
  • The biggest concentration of bars and pubs in one place in all of California, making downtown HB a nightlife mecca.
  • The finest coastal meeting facilities in all of California that contain beaches on site.
  • The brand that Hollister pays for in its New York City store where big screens showcase the pier and beaches of Huntington Beach.
  • Some of the most skilled lifeguards in the world.
  • Affordable housing that makes Surf City one of the most popular places to stay & play in California.
  • Soft industries and lack of pollution–some of the best air you can get on the coast.
  • Access to two major airports and many major cities.
  • Not far from Disneyland –tourists love us!


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